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Darima Farms



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The younger cheeses have a mild flavor and soft texture, the older Gouda becomes harder, dryer and has a nutty flavor.


Serving suggestions: Fresh fruit, olives, fruit preserves, chutneys, bread, crackers and mustard.


Suggested pairings: Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Merlot

A young, mild Gouda pairs with beer such as brown and amber ales, a mature gouda that’s nutty in flavor goes well with single malt scotch.


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Darima farms was set up in 2017 as a passion project to create top quality artisan cheese  at Village Darima, Uttrakhand. The idea was to not only create a world class product but also positively impact the community .Our cheese is now sold across the country at leading retail outlets, supermarkets and  used by top hotels and restaurants.

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