Chilli Garlic Montasio

Serving Suggestions: The texture and the flavour of the Chilli Garlic Montasio go amazingly well with nuts, dried fruits or pickled jalapenos. You’d be doing yourself a favour if you enjoyed it with pickled onions or some tapenade!

Suggested Pairing: A nice bottle of sparkling wine, Sauvignon Blanc or Syrah go phenomenally well with the Chilli Garlic Montasio. A nice margarita, or a generous helping of Merlot, Riesling, and strong beers are best-paired with the Montasio, too.


With the Garlic Montasio cheese, we bring to you a cheese that has a characteristic garlicky flavour, which only sweetens and mellows with age. Moreover, the earthy red chillies used in it bring out a distinct piquancy. Made with the purest cow milk around, the Montasia is a versatile cheese with several different layers of flavour. Semi-hard and mature, the Garlic Montasio is granular in texture, and its strong fruity notes make it a worthwhile snack.

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