Artisan cheese: Sustainable culture of Kumaon
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Edition: Pritam Bhatty in conversation with Janhavi Prasada
5 Homegrown Brands Giving Us Reasons To Eat (And Say!) Cheese

Nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas, Darima Farms has been fulfilling our cheesy needs since 2016.

Artisanal luxury—a niche food trend goes mainstream

The widespread proliferation and popularity of artisanal foods began during the lockdown and continues to move full steam ahead

Organic gifting options for Diwali 2020
It’s the year of the Pandemic.
Gift accordingly.
Make Your Own With Darima Farm's Artisanal

All the cheeses are super fresh and made in their small factory in Uttarakhand

Vogue India

What’s not to like about fresh and locavore cheeses made with milk produced from mountain cows?

From The Village To Your Kitchen

Darima Farms Delivers Organic Artisan Cheese At Your Doorstep

Lockdown Economy India in an Artisan Cheese Making Farm with Arvind Chawla
Bring the outside in

With gourmet ingredients and staples now delivered home, eating out may slowly turn passé

AnnaMaya launches ‘AnnaMaya Artisan Awards’ to commemorate the local artisans

The Awards recognizes and celebrates the local

The making of, featuring Arvind Chawla

The enthusiastic co-founder of Darima farms, Arvind Chawla, chats with Tarini Sood about his journey as a food entrepreneur, the art of 

Brie the change

Apart from the good Darima Farms is doing for its neighbouring communities, cheese boards across India are all the better for it.

These nature-based businesses home deliver

Fresh, local, artisanal are what the conscious food movement is at today, 

How a bunch of outfits are still getting organic produce to

Ritwik Sharma on the outfits that are bringing organic 

Say cheese desi-style

These Delhi restaurants are ditching imported cheese and embracing locally-produced cheese.

Miss cheese platters?

The artisanal brand has paved it’s way through the food industry in town, as you can always spot them at any food festivals, gourmet

Visit to the Darima Farms cheese facility
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Where to stay, shop and what to do while you’re in the hills

Cumin, Cardamom and Turmeric Spice Up Indian Cheese

Around the country, there are many examples of cheesemakers incorporating locally familiar spices

Artisanal cheese makers are changing the way India eats cheese

From processed cheese (and the ubiquitous paneer), Indians are slowly 

Darima Farms

Your Artisanal Cheese Dreams Answered

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